Gesture Remote Control Car

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Climbing Speed Rotating Four-Wheel Drive Stunt Drift Gesture Remote Control Car

Anyone can give a toy to a child as a gift. However, it takes a special mom, dad, grandparent, or friend to give a super-cool, magical gift like this Geture remote Control Car!

This charming little gadget enables to the child to feel his/her movements, smiles, happiness and enhances creativity within a child's heart. Kids love to pretend and this toy helps them explore the field of creativity and Engineering in a very special way.

It's the perfect outdoor toy or it can be used indoors, if you prefer.

Product information:

  • Type: Wireless remote control
  • Applicable people: Unlimited
  • Featured function: Feel remote control car
  • material: Plastic
  • Ability training: Emotion, hands-on brain, other ability training, interactive toys, parent-child communication, interest cultivation
  • Remote control mode: handle
  • Color: blue remote control car (remote control only), orange remote control car (remote control only, blue gesture car (only gesture), orange gesture car (gesture only), blue gesture remote control car (gesture + remote control, orange gesture remote control car ( Gesture + remote control

Applicable age: 7-14 years old


(A) Blue remote control car (remote control only)

(B) Orange remote control car (remote control only

(C) Blue hand gesture car (only hand gesture)

(D) Orange gesture car (only gestures)

(E) Blue gesture remote control car (gesture + remote control

(F) Orange gesture remote control car (gesture + remote control

Important Information:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Size: 260 x 166 x 110 mm